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My name is Christian Tisby

Greetings! I'm Christian Tisby from Jacksonville Florida. I currently work as a Regulatory Consultant for the Florida Department of Agriculture, and at night I am an aspiring full-stack software developer. I have two years of experience in creating software, mobile apps and websites for myself and as classroom projects. I have experience programming in many different languages such as Java, Golang, C#, JavaScript, and Swift, however some of my favorite projects involve creating Android apps. I love building websites too!

I graduated from Florida A & M University with a B.S. in Political Science. My software development education for the last two years has consided of obtaining a Freelance Web Development certificate from Codecademy; completing the Front End Web Development track with Treehouse; obtaining and completing a Grow with Google scholarship challenge for Android development with Udacity, and a host of other courses such as Web Development with Golang taught by Todd Mcleod on Udemy, and iOS development with Swift taught by Angela Yu on Udemy as well. My github can be viewed at: tallyandroid.


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